Today’s dating popularity

online-datingThe Internet removes the old balance between random and systematic hunt to find partners.According to a survey is now in the 30 – to 50-year-olds a third of all contacts that lead to a future partnership, made via the Internet, this number is constantly increasing. Electronic brokerage make huge sales, and spend the time that people in such intimate communication in the worldwide network of true in many real contacts with the fatigue at all.

Dating has become a national sport. In the electronically controlled partner determination to complete a watershed in the history of manners. This kind of break can be sociologically described as dissolution of the family, psychological epidemic as inability to enter into long-term cooperative ties, or as the triumph of individuality or of isolation. If you want, know what is going on with the relations between the sexes nowadays, so worth an analysis of what was by the possibilities of the global network all set in motion or perfected.

It has always been a basic problem of humanity, as the families come together, at first purely geographic. For the origins of mankind, the picture has been established by the hordes of young men who set out to rape of women, will raid other tribes and organize there a slaughter or slaughtered themselves. At this early stages so of violence and coercion on the one hand and the complete randomness of the couple before finding the other.

The myth of the origin of gender

Our Western moral history of the pair-finding begins with a myth: In Plato’s “Banquet” is described a primitive human race, which still did not differentiate between men and women. This ball being but should have been very arrogant and have rebelled against the gods. So advice to the what to do, and Zeus decided to cut apart the ball being out of hand. Now that figure was cut in two, longed for each other’s half.

This myth of the origin of the sexes is estimated that for every human being is an ideal partner, his missing half. Trusted Online Dating Websites have the best match. In the reception of this original unity of a particular woman with a certain man was picked up again and again. You may also call the metaphysics of the true partner. This contrasts with the idea of a purely rational connection between man and woman, which is governed by criteria such as family status, economic conditions or political circumstances. This rational and purposeful nature of the partner determination coined the largest part of human cultural history: the woman and man were usually from their families in accordance with objective criteria and not on the basis of their feelings together.

The question of the right partner was only relevant in the Christian West, which imposed the monogamy on a broad front, though not until a few centuries after Christ. In the Christian church, then the power of families and clans pushed back so far as marriages are made in heaven, that is, it was in God’s immeasurable counsel, what woman should be matched to what man. Here again dominated the idea of the correct and only partner, but the man has in this model only appears to have a choice because he can not help but fall in love with the people whom God has destined for him.

In bourgeois society, the civil marriage by the marriage of the sacred mystery of love and the concept of romantic love is replaced. Rational reasons for choosing a partner to play a role, consist now of the economic level, the interests of the moral background, and perhaps even kinship considerations. The emotional dimension found in the spontaneous sympathy of an original expression of togetherness. The bourgeois model of finding a partner creates a constant tension between destiny and plan, or between reason and passion. Consequently, the separation, divorce, the first institutionalized in civil society: it is necessary to escape from this tension.