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How to choose the best hairdresser in New York City

hairdresserGoing to the hairdresser is a moment of relaxation and gratification, because “we’re going to make us beautiful! For this reason it is important to rely on professional “right” for us. Here it’s important to find the best hairdressers in New York City and we are talking about that.

This is a very sensitive issue because it directly affects our physical appearance. This topic is even worse for women than for men.

Taking over a bad haircut leaves already have far fewer options and two hairstyles hair is a definite asset to the beauty of a woman.
Men can always shave your head!

I decided to tackle this subject after a girlfriend yet another victim of a vicious and insensitive haircut!

How to avoid crying fit haircut and highlight met?

To begin it is useful to spread the word: If a friend or your mother has a trusted hairdresser, if you like their hairstyle or the new cut, it’s worth a try. Maybe facts accompany them or do they take the appointment, you will treat with particular care if you send a regular customer.

Once in the room, pay attention to some things you feel comfortable? The place is very noisy? Too many people? The main things you have to check hair stylist business profile. The customer and hairdresser should be in a peaceful environment in which we can explain and listen to each other without raising his voice, with the risk of misunderstanding.

If a hairdresser who does not know you received treatment suggests you “aggressive” as a permanent / ironing, dyeing, extensions, warning! And always a little suspicious’ of a hair salon that offers you all too often these actions, if done frequently, in fact, undermine the health of skin and hair, worn out and encouraging the break.

Generally you can buy those same products at the show (shampoo, conditioner, foam, vials, …) that were used during the session. A hairdresser “correct” do not propose the purchase of these products after the first date, is rather an “investment” in their work and expect you to come back for a new appointment (it means that you are satisfied) and ask to buy them, after have appreciated the quality.

In summary, the hairdresser “right” is one with which you feel in tune, you do not lobbying, who are not afraid to express your dissatisfaction and that he did not take a wrong if, for drying finished, ask for change something.

Did you find “your” hair when, after leaving the salon, you feel satisfied and have not applied and the desire to go home and do it all over again!