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Hair Color Streaks on Blacks: Choose the perfect color for you

Fancy color to brighten and enlighten your hair blacks? If you love the natural color of your hair but sometimes it seem flat and lifeless, you can opt for some special highlights or streaks.

Hair blacks are special when it comes to streaks, because black is the color of dark hair and is more difficult to cover than blond or brown. Here are some ideas for you hair streaked for blacks, with photos and examples to get an idea of the result that you get.

Blacks Blonde Hair with Streaks

Streaked blond hair on blacks? It may seem a strange idea but in reality, if you make it right, the streaked blond hair blacks can be very effective.

The important thing is to follow a definite rule: You can color a few strands of blond precise, as in the first photo, or choose to color hair in a disorderly fashion. This also depends on your style: If you love your hair smooth and precise ordered the locks are for you, but if you choose to go around unkempt messy streaks.

Another tip? In order to be glam and do not exceed, those only the length without touching the strands framing the face, the result will be special and very fashionable, but certainly not excessive.

Hair Blacks with Red Streaks

Red is a winning choice for a light black hair, not only adds brightness and vivacity to the crown, but also a warm color that is particularly good for people with olive or tanned complexion.

Just remember that red is known to “age”: Choose a shade lighter than copper or bronze, and if you want to give freshness to your features, while a decided red is perfect if you’re not afraid to seem bigger.

Blacks with Pink Hair Streaks

The pink or purple streaks in her hair are very contemporary and blacks are perfect for a woman alternative rock and soul, who loves to dare, from their hair.

Pink is a feminine color and brightens the complexion immediately, highlighting the eyes if the streaks are made to locks that frame her face. Again the effect is very nice if only the lengths are stained.

Blacks with Blue Hair Streaks

Blacks with light blue hair: This is a particular style but certainly timely and crucial. The latest trend is to mix blue hair streaked blond, almost white, to move up to the hair.

To try to add a touch of spice to their dark hair! Copy the style of Rihanna in the first pic if you have short hair, a tuft of blue sprinkled with platinum blonde is very stylish. How about some white hair surrounded by other blue? Not bad!

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