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Hairstyle trends for medium-length hair
Let’s start with mid-length cuts. If you like the square size, the trend is oblong. This section provides a touch of glamor and better value is the silhouette of small women. Important detail: the fringe reduced on one side. Another square cut is also very likely: the large square, still with a fringe, but this time with the corrugations on the front. For its part, the square plunging right gives way to the square dipping slightly curly. With a curly fringe and also hides a full side of the face, the rocker look is assured.

hairstyle trend
Trends hairstyles for short hair

In the spirit of the girl released and elegant: the shingle, this time with a shorter fringe that starts at the top of the head and reduced on one side. Other key essential: the legs that come almost to the contour of the face. From the same cup to create a more innovative, with the bangs shorter and reaches up to half of the front legs that go twice as wide from the edge of the forehead, the hair tapered at the back neck. A hairstyle that accentuates the beautiful necks: the shingle, shaved on the back of the head with a long fringe and well stocked, but irregular. This cut is ideal for hiding a large forehead. Get inspired by the cutting of Rihanna.
hairstyle trend

Hairstyles for long hair trends
If your hair is medium length, remember to deteriorate. Add a fringe happening right along the lash. By day, they will slightly wavy; evening, we prefer the right, as a long cut. Do you create an innovative style by wearing your long hair slightly tousled, with a slight gradient imprecise. This hairstyle will enhance your next natural woman and wild. Button important to realize large well on hair. For a romantic style half and half rocker, there is nothing more than to tend to stiffen the hair to let them spread over the shoulders and neck, then bring the front hair backward in the plating and fixing them with lacquer.

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