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ABC Color Do It Yourself: 7 Dritte Fundamental to color hair at home

Want a perfect foliage hues and color full and attractive? No need to go to the hairdresser to get a perfect color. Even with the colors do it yourself you can have good results and show off beautiful hair.

hair color

For a DIY coloring on top, here’s 7 tips to lose it. From choosing the right color as a hair rinse, all you need to know about color “home” to you is revealed in this article!

First you informed about hair colors that you are better off . You are now ready to begin!

1. Choose the right color
It’s called the rule of the two tones and works well, allowing a very natural hair color. How does it work? Quite simply, the secret is to choose a shade lighter than two shades of hair color that you want.

Usually, we tend to choose a color that would be darker than expected, which is why the stylists recommend to choose the color of two tones lighter. To darken it was always on time!

2. Opt for Sobriety
The first few times you are about to make a color at home, you better keep on subdued colors, not throw up thoughtful details or radical changes.

An example? Do not pass from dark brown to platinum blonde, this is a delicate step to be done in several visits to the hairdresser to get a satisfactory result. Beware also if you want to be blond and dark, because the green hues are lurking.

3. Get two packs of Tint
If your hair that exceed the length of the shoulders or are particularly thick and dense, with more than two packages of hair dye before starting the whole process.

It can happen to need a larger amount of color, and after starting to apply the mixture on the hair is not really the right time to run to the supermarket and buy another pack.

hair color

4. Protect the skin of the face, ears and neck
The color DIY is famous for unsightly stain the skin, so it is better to prevent than cure.

Before you start to color the hair, spread plenty of cream on the contours of the face, ears and back of the ears, but also on the neck and arms. In this way you can avoid dark spots on the skin. If the cream was not enough, use a cotton ball and a bit of makeup remover to remove residual color – but do it in the same color.

5. Strictly follows the Shutter speed (Try and Hue)
The exposure time indicated on the packaging is very important and should be respected to the maximum, it is the time that was calculated to give the hair the color quality that is desired. Do not lengthen the time of installation: you may in fact risk a too dark color or an allergic reaction.

In this regard, always doing the test for intolerance to the color before proceeding with staining, especially if it’s the first time you make the color or use a particular brand. The risk of allergic reaction is always present and should not be underestimated.

6. Emulsifies the Right Time
A couple of minutes before the end of the exposure time, pour a little warm water on the foliage color and emulsify with fingertips, making a sort of massage on the skin.

In this way the product should be deposited anywhere and promises a brighter color and intense, before being rinsed. After emulsified for about 30-40 seconds, wait until the end of the exposure time and then rinse it all.

7. Use all products in the Kit
The kits for the do it yourself tint usually contain a shampoo or conditioner to be applied after rinsing the dye. Would you rather use your products? Not a good idea: products of the kit, in fact, are tailored to the situation and will complement the work of the same color.

Satisfied with the results? Remember that colored hair needs special care and should be treated with great kindness to be always bright and pretty. And now enjoy your new hair color!

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