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9 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Hair Color for You

You are not convinced of your hair color ? The color of your hair says a lot about your personality and the way you are used to deal with life. Sometimes you want to change because the natural color of your hair does not reflect what you have.

When you want to dye your hair, the essential thing is to choose a color that you are well and that highlights the features of your face. Finding the right shade is very, very important to ensure that your hair is beautiful. Here are 9 tips for choosing the perfect hair color for you!

1. Not dark hair with pale skin
Unless you do not have a look gothic and dark , the extreme contrast between dark hair and very fair skin color will make your unnatural and off. The famous rule that says that in winter you must darken the hair and lighten in the summer does not apply to everyone. If you can not resist the lure of the dark, doing things in style and try a jet black: this color can make you look paler, but illuminate your complexion.

2. Bleach hair? Do it in small steps
Never, never go from a dark brown to blonde all at once, especially if you choose a tint DIY. Not only would turn the color orange, lighten if more than two shades from the start, but you may not be satisfied with the color obtained. So lighten in small steps, two tones at once: in this way, the result will be perfect.


3. Semi-permanent Hair Color
One of the best solutions to the eternal undecided is to opt for a semi-permanent color : This type of hair dye is less aggressive and allows you to experiment with different colors, reflections and adds brightness to hair and cover gray hair. After about ten shampoo comes off and is again ready to try other colors making it ideal for those who can not choose the color you prefer.

4. Lighten or Darken? Skin color depends on the
Your complexion is not just dark or light, but also has an undertone hot or cold. How to determine your undertone? Just look at the inside of the wrist and observe the color of the veins are green if you have a warm, blue if you are a cool tone. Consider also that those who have fair skin tans easily hot and who’s cold burns the skin often.

Once you understand if you’re kind of cold or heat you can think of the color of your hair: if you have warm skin tone hair colors you’ll be fine with warm, golden, with hints of rich and greedy. If you have a cool tone, opt for cooler colors, such as the platinum blonde, the blonde, but all those reflections typically glacial.

5. Eyebrows are important
Those who dyes his hair always want others to think that that is her natural color, unless you choose some color shock. If the eyebrows are a different color hair, however, is very easy to find out who has dyed his hair!

To achieve a natural result is also important that the eyebrows are harmonized with the color of the hair. Decide whether dyed a color that is fine with the natural eyebrows, or you can dye your eyebrows the same color hair.

6. Try, Try, Try
You should not have to have the hair color you have first tried: you can experiment as you like, until you find the perfect color. You’ll see why your hair will elevate your complexion, making it shine, and make your eyes brighter without makeup. Need some small attempt, but it is worth.


7. Think of your childhood
Want to make you blonde? Then choose the perfect shade of looking at the pictures when you were a child: If you were born blonde then you have the perfect skin tone for this color. But if you were blonde as a child, think about it and maybe try shades of hair color are similar to your childhood.

8. Color or highlights?
If your natural color you are well, why change? If you want a touch more light, try highlights, shades and streaks: in this way illuminates your face without changing radically.

9. Talk to the Hairdresser
Finding the right hair stylist is important, and once you have discovered not miss it. Your hair salon, in fact, I can recommend the best for your hair color and the changes you want to do. If you want to change hair color, talk to him explaining all of your ideas and listening to his advice. Beware: if you propose a color that is clearly wrong or if you insist on expensive treatments, perhaps more thought to its gain to your hair.

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