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5 Secrets to Hair bulky Bodied

Voluminous, healthy hair is the dream of many girls, especially those with flat hair that seem to have no life. But as you can get a more voluminous hair? Here are a few secrets to give volume to hair.


This is good advice and effective, to try to make your hair more body.All the tricks ultra voluminous hair.

1. Dry your hair upside down


To add volume to flat hair is definitely useful to make the turn upside down: this tactic is used by those who love the volume up, especially the roots, and is very simple.

To enhance the effect of volume carefully apply a volumizer on the roots of wet hair, then dry your hair upside down with a diffuser. While drying my hair, trying to give volume and mess with your fingers.

When hair is almost dry, use a round brush for the finishing touches on the roots. Your hair will be really beautiful, full-bodied and voluminous.

2. Try a fine product Volumizing


If your hair is often thin and flat, you need a volumizing product quality to be applied on the roots, but also important is how dry my hair, in fact, under the jet of hot hair dryer is essential to repeatedly lift the roots with your hands or with a round brush.

Even a volumizing shampoo can do the job, especially if combined with a volumizing spray valid: then you start treatment with a special shampoo to add volume to hair.

After being dried, the hair will become thick bodied and voluminous, and thin hair will have a very big volume.

3. Create Ricci Voluminous


A flat, lifeless hair can become wrinkled if simply massive: a test using large curlers, curling iron or do the braids with wet hair. In this way you will get many beautiful and elastic curls.

The ideal is to use a volumizing product before making the curls, so you get a massive extra hair.

And if you want hair on top, trying to dry them upside down before you do the curls. After you create your curly hair, you will have a volume ever imagined.

4. Cotona Hair


The cotonatura is one of the most popular methods to get the most voluminous hair. Try to limit the cotonatura not limited to, the practice, in fact, much ruined my hair. How do cotonatura?

First, make the turn with the big rollers. Then divide the hair into sections about 10 cm wide; get strand by strand and hold it 90 degrees, then use a fine tooth comb and comb the hair on the contrary, from tips to roots.

Do the same for all the locks at the end of combing your hair very gently so as not to ruin and the lacquer on the crown. That’s it!

5. Do you sleep with wet hair


Well yes, especially if your hair is thick, sleeping with wet hair you are guaranteed to wake up with a Medusa head in style.

Surely will also be sorted soon, so I suggest you use this method only when you get a wild hair and the most voluminous.

In the morning, spray a little hairspray on dry hair and scompigliali with your hands. You’ll have a look irresistible!

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