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5 Beauty trends for fall do not miss this

What color lipstick you choose this fall? Realize that hairstyles? What eyeshadow color your eye? If you want to be in step with the trends of makeup fall 2011, here’s the Top 5 hottest makeup trends for this season.

They range from bright red lips severely coiffed hair in a bun, to switch between brightly colored eye shadow and hair rebels. There’s something for everyone!

1 – Red Lips


A bright red lipstick is what it takes to make you feel energetic and confident enough to send away the gray days of autumn rain. Opt for a dark red lipstick when you want to be mysterious and fascinating, but do not underestimate the beauty of bright red lipstick when you feel more glamorous.

Makeup trends
For a look softer and less aggressive, only applies red lipstick to the center of the lips and then spread it on my lips with your fingers in this way, the lipstick will be less opaque and will ensure a more natural effect.

2 – Colourful and Crazy Eyeshadow


Bright colors and metallic colors to match your accessories mad: Autumn wants eye makeup over the top, with bright eye shadows that stand out immediately. Try orange, purple, pink, and yellow colors even the glitter: everything is allowed! Applying eye shadow to the outer corner of the eye can also get a look heavy.

Makeup trends
If you feel absolutely glamorous, this trend combined with thick eyebrows and well combed. Want a twist? Then trace with a black eyeliner, the upper line of the eyebrows, then apply over the eyeliner and bright colored eye shadow or some glitter. What a scream!

3 – Perfect Chignon


The bun is the best hairstyle to combine fashion and seriousness, not only gives you looked totally professional, but also allows you to play with the accessories. In fact, the chignon can wear a pair of earrings or a necklace all important particular: the focus will now focus on your accessories.

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Choose a low bun and soft when you’re feeling romantic, opting instead for a severe bun, and the center of the neck when you want to be aggressive and biting. If you do not like the look of a “dancer”, creates a soft bun and side.

4 – dark eyes and Magnets


The t Rucco smokey eyes does not seem to go out of fashion: this is because it can make it look sensual and magnetic close. Choose from dark colors and mysterious shadows, metallic for a touch of glam, and complete the trick with plenty of black eyeliner and mascara.

Makeup trends
Want to get a more modern look? So do not put mascara and opt for a thicker line of black eyeliner: the effect will be very special.

5 – Tousled Waves


Finally, here is another fall trend, mostly to the hair. If you have long hair and like to keep them loose, go for a look wavy and slightly wild. This hair softens her features, making the younger face, especially important when choosing a makeup.

Makeup trends
Use a mousse for shaping curls on damp hair, then dry the hair with a diffuser and ends with a curling iron to hold on for a few seconds. Finish the look ruffling his hair with his fingers.

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