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4 Curly hair trends for fall 2011 and Mossi

As styling curly and wavy hair to return from vacation? The summer hair trends and recommended long hair flowing, wavy and shiny. Autumn is upon us and it is time to look curly and wavy hair trends fall.

The strongest trend of the season are four main things to discover: wavy hair and large, natural curls, soft curls retro hairstyle and disorderly. Here is an overview of the trends for fall 2011 hair wavy and curly.

Find inspiration in these four trends of the season if your hair is curly or wavy: Depending on the texture of your hair, you can choose the style that best suits you.

1. Mossi and voluminous hair


Chioma and massive move, which frames the face and focuses on the eye: this is the hottest trend for fall 2011, reserved for those with thick hair and untamed hair and abundant.

The trick is to use a styling product while combing the hair back on his head: You can leave a few locks on the front saucy or not, the important thing is that everything is massive and disheveled. This look can also be obtained by those who have straight hair, the hair just swab with a fine-toothed comb.

2. Ricci Natural and Wild Mood


Who has curly hair knows: it is sometimes impossible to obtain a fold defined because the hair is a lot and go in all directions. Instead of spending hours in styling your curls rebels, who want to follow the seasonal trend natural curly But from the wild.

Apply a mousse for curly hair on wet and dry hair with a diffuser, simply by using your fingers to tame your hair and add volume and body. That’s it!

3. Sensual waves from the retro


There is nothing more sensual than a hair glossy and move, with large curls that come down to caress her shoulders. This vintage look is sophisticated and is perfect for special occasions.

A hairstyle like this requires a little more maintenance, since you’re trying to turn your wild curly waves in order: you can choose the large rollers or a straightener which, when properly used, creates a hairstyle and massive move.

You feel inspired and want to opt for a hairstyle collection? Choose a ponytail: pulls hair well over his head and let your curls explode in the lengths of the tail. This is a very particular style with success assured.

4. Hair Bushes and Scattered


Finally, the trends for fall 2011 hairstyles prefer wavy hair very feminine, yet messy. Put style your curly hair is very tiring, so the hair leaving the hair free are best, and fail to add that special touch to a romantic and curly hair.

You can get this look by creating a side bun and low, very soft, so as to obtain a large and particular. If you dare you can pick up the hair on the head bringing them to the front: do not go unnoticed!

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