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3 Essential Steps to Achieve hair shiny and healthy in the Fall

The arrival of a new season is closely related to hair beauty. Just as it is important to treat the hair the right way in the summer , in autumn the foliage is essential to take care with certain precautions.


In autumn, the hair loss is greater and may present several problems related to the change of season here is an effective strategy of three steps to get beautiful hair and healthy autumn!

First Step: Repairing the Damage of the Sea
The hair is much ruin in the summer due to sun, chlorine, salt water. Not only the colored hair back from holiday stress, but all hair types are affected by holidays.

First, drop to the hairdresser and eliminates split ends with a cut of a few cm. This will make the hair look good and less prone to break or wear out. Split ends, in fact, weaker in the long run make the hair fiber.

Step Two: Beauty Treatments Nutrients
Secondly, the space at most nourishment for the hair: Use a rich, nourishing balm after each shampooing , leaving it for a few minutes before rinsing.


Also, make a nourishing mask and polish at least once a week: this will help you to have hair shining and healthy. The natural beauty masks made from olive oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil are very effective for the hair brittle.

Third Step: Works from the inside
Make sure you eat foods that are good for the hair : Choose foods rich in protein like eggs, dairy products and meat, vitamins and various minerals. Do not forget the vegetable proteins contained a high level in legumes.

Do not hesitate to take a dietary supplement for hair : Autumn is the perfect time for a cycle of food supplements for hair length of 2 or 3 months. Acting at the beginning of the change of season it helps to strengthen the hair as possible.

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