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    Hair care

    Treating brittle hair and split ends

    Why does hair become brittle and split ends? The hair acts like a rubber band. It is the keratin, which gives this property so that it can stretch up to 40%. When hair is brittle, they are damaged and aging prematurely. Keratin loses its elasticity. This loss of strength of the hair is the result of abusive treatment such as perms, straightening, bleaching, braids too frequent, etc.. The forks are visible on long hair. Hair cracks to where the keratin resists the least. This phenomenon results in a duplication of the tip of the hair. The protective cuticle is damaged. In general, the fork is a long two to three…

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  • hairstyle trend
    Natural hair styles

    Choose your hairstyle trend for back

    Hairstyle trends for medium-length hair Let’s start with mid-length cuts. If you like the square size, the trend is oblong. This section provides a touch of glamor and better value is the silhouette of small women. Important detail: the fringe reduced on one side. Another square cut is also very likely: the large square, still with a fringe, but this time with the corrugations on the front. For its part, the square plunging right gives way to the square dipping slightly curly. With a curly fringe and also hides a full side of the face, the rocker look is assured.

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  • online-dating

    Today’s dating popularity

    The Internet removes the old balance between random and systematic hunt to find partners.According to a survey is now in the 30 – to 50-year-olds a third of all contacts that lead to a future partnership, made via the Internet, this number is constantly increasing. Electronic brokerage make huge sales, and spend the time that people in such intimate communication in the worldwide network of true in many real contacts with the fatigue at all. Dating has become a national sport. In the electronically controlled partner determination to complete a watershed in the history of manners. This kind of break can be sociologically described as dissolution of the family, psychological…

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  • hairdresser
    Hair care

    How to choose the best hairdresser in New York City

    Going to the hairdresser is a moment of relaxation and gratification, because “we’re going to make us beautiful! For this reason it is important to rely on professional “right” for us. Here it’s important to find the best hairdressers in New York City and we are talking about that. This is a very sensitive issue because it directly affects our physical appearance. This topic is even worse for women than for men. Taking over a bad haircut leaves already have far fewer options and two hairstyles hair is a definite asset to the beauty of a woman. Men can always shave your head!

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  • Emo-hairstyles
    Latest Hair Styles

    Emo hairstyles 2011

    Emo hairstyles 2011, all long hair, with many of the most colorful and exciting ways of bringing the hair into the Emo trend. Emo is because the juvenile form of expression remains an important trend among young people and will continue looking for a long time.

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  • prom-dress

    Prom dresses 2011 trends

    Party dresses characterize the collection of each designer. It is amazing how the perfect dress can completely change our look and our beauty. It is certainly important that every woman has a party dress for a special event. Now it’s a trend to wear the little black dress which really makes your look change. We keep abreast of the latest trends to keep up and know what will come when it comes to fashion. So you can dress in style and mix items like pageant dresses for juniors to create an amazing costume. Therefore here are wears 2011: Party dresses are the piece that highlights the best femininity. In addition,…

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  • Hair-bulky-Bodied
    Hair care

    5 Secrets to Hair bulky Bodied

    Voluminous, healthy hair is the dream of many girls, especially those with flat hair that seem to have no life. But as you can get a more voluminous hair? Here are a few secrets to give volume to hair. This is good advice and effective, to try to make your hair more body.All the tricks ultra voluminous hair. 1. Dry your hair upside down To add volume to flat hair is definitely useful to make the turn upside down: this tactic is used by those who love the volume up, especially the roots, and is very simple.

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  • Makeup-for-Face-Shape
    make up

    Custom trick: the Right Makeup for Your Face Shape

    The shape of your face is not only important in the choice of hairstyle , but also to determine the make-up right for you. Determining what is the shape of your face, you can understand which areas you want to highlight and what you want to minimize. These tips make-up tricks to help you better depending on the shape of your face, and the result is amazing: in an instant value to your features and minimize imperfections, just as if you had made up an expert make-up artist !

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  • Reese-and-Madonna
    Celebrity hair styles

    In Search of the Perfect Cut Hair for You

    Hair is the focus of feminine seduction and every woman wants to have them always beautiful. But, in addition to wanting a strong and healthy hair , often in search of the values that we cut more. How many times do you ever go to the hairdresser, come out with exactly the cut that you asked and did not like? The secret of the perfect haircut is actually very simple: everything is in the shape of your face. To enhance your beauty to find out what is the right haircut for you, and not only will you be more beautiful, but your features will be emphasized in the best way!

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  • Hair care

    The importance of choosing the right wig

    Did you ever go to the hairdresser in tears? It is one thing that can happen often, because we women are particularly attentive to our hair and we see even the smallest defects. A scissor kick in more, or less than a scissor kick in, can really change the way we see ourselves, even if others might not notice anything. In short, it is not always convenient to choose a hairdresser in the case: indeed, if you do not have clear ideas and choose the first hairdresser who happens to you, is likely to leave the salon with a cut completely wrong for you or opposite to your personality.

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