Why do we lose hair every day
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Why do we lose hair every day?

Why do we lose hair every day
It is normal to lose 50-150 hairs per day. The amount of hair loss depends on several factors: the total number of hair of a healthy person and the average growth cycle of hair. The damaged hair broken or increase the apparent number of lost hair.

Responsible for hair loss
Certain conditions, such as severe illness, surgery, anorexia or bulimia, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, anemia, emotional stress, severe infection, injury, certain medicines or dieting, cause hair loss. This explains that a few months later, several hair falls at the same time, giving a much less abundant hair. This type of hair loss is reversible and does not fall under the baldness. In addition, other reasons such as diseases of the scalp or hair themselves may also be involved.

The growth cycle of hair
Growth fluctuates slightly with the seasons. She is more active in summer than in winter. The hair also grows a little faster when it is new and slows toward the end of its growth phase. It also grows more slowly and gradually as you age. Each follicle has its own genetic program, which means that the loss may be faster in some than in others. The middle phase of growth of a hair follicle is about four years. At the end of the growth phase, the follicle enters a resting phase and frees the hair that falls next. The follicle rests for about 12 weeks and then starts the program with a new hair. And this continues throughout life.

Why do we lose hair every day

Age can determine it hair loss?
Hair loss can begin as early as age 18 or after 40. Having a lot of hair until the age of 40 years does not mean they will never fall. There is no age where one can definitively say that we never lose his hair. Therefore, any treatment must be tailored to each individual case.

Stress and diet
The intense stress and crash dieting can cause temporary loss of hair, but once the problem is corrected, they will grow back normally. Some products containing amino acids claim to help hair follicles produce more hair. These products will not make a significant difference among those with a balanced diet. In addition, biotin (vitamin B8) and folic acid, needed for hair growth, are also part of any balanced diet. Do not forget that excessive doses can lead to further loss of hair. A multivitamin supplement with a balanced diet is more than sufficient to meet the needs of hair.

Inadequate care they can cause hair loss?
Hair loss is not caused by improper maintenance of hair. Neither the scalp massage or brushing or drying towel not proved effective in stopping hair loss. The frequency of shampoo would not affect this problem.

Why do we lose hair every day

Shampoos and medicines
It is wary of any product guarantees immediate results.Because regardless of treatment; it will operate according to the rate of hair growth. All products must be used faithfully for several months before giving results. Hair loss is a slow process and it’s the same when we want to stop their fall.

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