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Understand if the enamel is’ dry? Do not miss a trick here

The enamel is one of the most loved cosmetics by women, even those that do not generally wear make-up: this is because the enamel makes her hands and beautiful women, turning them completely with a touch of color.

nail polish

But we must admit that it is very annoying to wait for the drying time of the enamel: There are several ways to make nail polish dry quickly , but how can you be sure that the glaze is dry? Here is a simple and useful trick!

All we have done at least once: after applying the glaze and waited for a time it seems reasonable for its drying (but which is actually very short), we begin to use your finger as diesel oil. The result? Enamel ruined and splashes of color on what we have just touched.
nail polish

That’s why this trick you will be very useful the next time you get your nails and you sure he’s 100% dry. After lying, you can simply check that it is approaching dry nails and making her little fingers to touch with care.

If you feel a little “friction” of the glaze, this means that still needs to dry. Otherwise, when the two nails smooth scrolling, you can devote to them: the glaze is completely dry!

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