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To strengthen hair care

Actions to strengthen hair products
This type of products aims to address the problems of brittle hair and / or weakened. To understand their mechanism of operation at the hair, you must first know the composition of the latter: the hair is mostly (95%) composed of keratin. The latter is a protein whose role is to protect the hair against external aggression and, therefore, prevent them from becoming brittle and / or are vulnerable: the keratin fibers form a protective barrier.

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Is cysteine, a component of keratin, which ensure the cohesion of the fibers together. So if it runs out, the barrier can be penetrated by external aggressions. What makes the hair weak and brittle.

The products strengthen the hair has the role of nourishing the hair to compensate for the lack of cysteine. For this, the product composition will approach very close to that of cysteine, which is rich in sulfur and sulfur amino acids.
hair products

How to choose the products to strengthen hair?
The most effective products incorporate them into the elements ensuring a sufficient supply of sulfur and sulfur amino acids. To choose them, we just have to check their composition and ensure that it includes one or more of the following:

The silicon
The outer component hair is rich in silicon. This gives them the strength to deal with aggression. There is also evidence that well nourished hair silicon is stronger and therefore less likely to be refined or dropped.

This mineral enhances the cohesion of the keratin fibers together. It contributes to helping cystine out its role. Zinc also presents itself as an indispensable element in the manufacture of essential fatty acids which also form a protective barrier around the hair.


The role of this element is to prevent an attack that can damage cells of the hair follicle. Inositol helps to optimize the life cycle of hair and, therefore, prevent them from falling.

Vitamin B
It plays a vital role in the health of hair makes it stronger: it promotes the synthesis of fat in the hair, it prevents premature aging and inhibits excessive production of sebum.

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