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The round face and Matching hairstyles

A hairstyle that fits the round face in the header area to create volume or height must have a minimum mass or tightly against the sides of, and if there is a long hairstyle, the hair ends only minimal volume or minimal mass to have. People with round faces should voluminous hairstyles, the pages are to be avoided, and in cases where the hair is curly, it is essential that the hair is cut, stepped on the sides so they fit snugly.

Matching hairstyles

Style One:
This style is a variation on the pixie-cut. He is short and spaced, so styled that it rests close to the scalp and it fits very well with wavy hair. The fringe is cut into a curved line and then scored to create more texture and to create an asymmetrical appearance. The closely cropped sides and the low level in the header area to create the illusion that the head is longer vertically and thus is in oval shape.


Style Two:
This is a long blunt cut with shaved stages the frame a face. The hair with a middle parting and a curved line around the face to her hair to get the softness, the length the same time the illusion of a longer face to produce by the width of the face is camouflaged. The effect is a smooth, soft look. This is an ideal hairstyle for those with naturally smooth and fine to medium thick hair.

Style Three:
This is another short, GERD-like section with a textured fringe. This style is excellent for those with straight hair and is easy to comb as shown and created a lot of volume with short steps, or with minimal volume is a smoother, softer appearance created. This style has a side parting and a wedge-shaped pony, the razor cut was one with. As a style, this style creates the illusion that the face is longer by creating high, and therefore creates the impression that the face is oval instead of round.

Style Four:
This is a long hair, the pony has an angled and stepped around the face with a simple blunt cut. The total angular side parting draws the eye upward, while the proximity of the sides and the length to help to extend the face and thus to create a more oval appearance. The pony, which is an angle, is also structured to create a smoother appearance and to prevent the face appears at right angles. This style is well suited to those with other characteristics (such as a protruding nose, widely spaced or close together-set eyes, etc.) and therefore need a hairstyle that detracts from it.

long blunt cut

Style Five:
This long, layered hairstyle provides more volume than the previous term and curls hairstyles. This style creates the necessary illusion of length by the additional volume at the top of the head and the extra length to be used on the sides to act contrary to the volume. The pony is fuzzy with a side parting. The layered hair be styled, they frame the face and create the impression that the face is oval. This is a great hairstyle for those thick, curly or wavy hair have.

Style Six:
Here is a style option that was chosen to show that you are short-hair with a round face should have no super. This style is completely asymmetric and has a middle parting. The base section is a wedge-shaped section, which has an A-line bob cut goes into. The hair is smooth and shaved her hair to a soft texture to give the appearance. The long pony’s face framed helps to create the impression of length and thus the appearance of an oval face shape. The asymmetry makes this hairstyle perfect for those with other challenges presented by a prominent facial features or unbalanced.

razor cut

Style Seven:
This medium length razor cut has a fuzzy fringe area and a side parting. The angle of the Pony division helps to look and feel of an oval face shape to create a soft. This hairstyle can be styled as shown for a cutting edge and trendy look, or it can dry with a round brush blow-dried smooth and the ends are screwed in order to create a soft look and smooth. This style is well suited to those who have fine to medium thick hair.

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