The Afro soft, hair cut
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The Afro soft, hair cut

How to create a soft afro
The African Cup is a sweet easy to create at home. Let’s start with curly hair. Do braids to accentuate your curls. Wear braids for 3 days on average before removing. Furthermore, use of hair accessories simple: a styling gel, spray setting and a scarf. After removing your braids, the hair tangles using your fingers to properly structure the loops. Then gather your hair to comb the tips, always using the fingers to fully unravel.

The Afro soft, hair cut

The next step is to structure your cut so it is well rounded and voluminous. Spray a small amount of water (or fixing spray) throughout your hair and then cover with a scarf. Perform light tapping over the scarf round your cut for 10 minutes. Remove your scarf and you get a sweet afro. This cut can also be created on straight hair. However, they require prior crepe.

Crimping and maintenance of a soft afro
The crepe is dry hair and to give them more volume. It can be done at the hairdresser or home. To do this, simply use a crimping iron. Before use, the hair must be protected from the heat of the device using a hair care adapted. The iron will then be used to tease strand by strand. Hair very stiff, it is advisable to make a perm. There are also many products that can curl hair. Then the technique to create a soft afro is the same as that used for frizzy hair .

A sweet afro will be perfect on a slice degraded and do not hesitate to shorten slightly the locks on the front and top of head. So that the frizz in your African sweet take as long as possible, it is essential to maintain your hair. For curly hair , the Rasul is a natural and effective solution to perfect loops. In addition, containing among others magnesium, pro-vitamins and iron, hair care product that nourishes the hair and softens. Try the sweet afro for a shopping session, a dance or wedding.

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