The tapered natural
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Some ideas for cuts tend to those who have shoulder-length hair

The tapered natural
Very popular among the women is a natural tapered hairstyle trends. Natural but also smart, so sharp as the Holy Seaweed ! A simple cut but with a lot of class with a gentle gradient, a delicious brown color glossy and long bangs that caresses the contours of the face. This hairstyle can highlight the length of your hair and sublime body and face. This cup fits with any style of clothing, you do not have to worry about.

The tapered natural

The mid-long seduction
To wake the woman alluring and seductive in you, let your hair in a salon Jacques Dessange for the cup-length glamorous! With this cut both class, chic and sexy, your hair will be more beautiful than ever and even more beautiful you. The base is smooth and soft but the line, side. Using large rolls, form large loops on the ends, giving all its majesty at all! On clothes, prefer precious materials like silk, satin or taffeta. Get back in the seventies, Any d’Avray pushes the volume to the extreme with this cup glamorous.
Warning: this section is not intended to fine hair and stiff. With loops round, greedy and generous, which are highlighted by a golden brown color tints. To accompany this outstanding styling, opt for simple clothes and a discreet glossy lipstick, tart, warm colors like orange. Your face and your lips will be embellished highlighted.

The half-tail backward
This hairstyle is perfect for hair shoulder-length blonde sunny, so the color trend of spring summer hairstyle. Cutting Michel signed Dervyn us travel in the sixties to rediscover the beauty of the half-cock. With a band end, the crown is asserted, supported and enhanced, its line side and curly on the ends discrete value the color of eyes and face shape from that chance to wear it. Hand clothing, please feel free to remake the 60’s look by wearing either jeans or a shirt with a small skirt.

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