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Slendertone System is the future for the physical form and well-being

beltSlendertone System is the future for the physical form and well-being. Your body gets you the desired shape – guaranteed. This revolutionary new concept allows the attachment of the same portable device to control a number of garments. A firmer, flatter abs in just 4 weeks – With the rechargeable slendertone System and unobtrusive you can soon look forward to a presentable result.

A better figure: scientifically proven. The Slendertone System Ab Trainer uses clinically proven EMS technology and works all muscles of the abdomen, not just the muscles just below the belt. A signal is the abdominal muscles which connect nerve sent to, by increasing the signal strength to pull the muscles together.

The result: Independent clinical studies have shown that the patented CSI technology Slendertone in 4 weeks and a firmer flatter stomach gets with.

A little about Claire who used ab circle pro

Her weak point is overbooked between his jobs, preparing for his marriage. Claire has little time to devote to sport.

Her goal: show a slim stomach the day she will say yes.

The solution: ab circle
The belt applies around the belly and sends small “shocks” that stimulate the muscles contract and abdominal deep. The intensity and duration of the session can be programmed with a small remote control. This is the best way to get muscles without sweating.

So at the office or at home, the camera fixed on her belly, our boss will let muscle while it is working with all kinds of activities: call conf ‘, interview, writing, or nail polish crockery It is muscle without even thinking! In two weeks, yet no obvious result visible to the naked eye, but a little patience Claire, wait about 5 weeks before to see the emergence of the shelf chocolate.

As far as the advertising copy on the packaging. I have the belt, of course, once created directly, but I got it – the curiosity was too great. And the first experience with the Slendertone abdominal belts were really surprisingly positive, all the muscles of the abdominal region and to tighten noticeably visible. First, the feeling is somewhat unpleasant, but they calmed down after a few minutes.