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Short Hairstyles – The Top 10 Tips For Short Hair

Short hairstyles do not have time fashion. Dare! Nobody stops you in the street to say how nice it is cut. Therefore, you have to jump and use these tips so you do not turn heads and stomachs!


1.) Research In Short Hairstyles:
Once you commit to take short, do your homework! There are many interpretations of short hair, from cutting too short, as a child, to the soft texture layers. Look in magazines and find the items you enjoy.

2) Searching For Talent:
Make sure the people you choose to remove long hair have the gift of the look short. Have short hair is appropriate is the sum of shape, texture, products and respect for the fabric. Be sure that you and your stylist are on the same wavelength.

3) Commitment Maintenance:
Short hairstyles not only require more trips to the salon to maintain the appearance, but may also require more work and different skills to which you are not used. Short hair is not always a license to be free of care. It can often take more work to do to revive short hairstyles.


4.) Consider Your Fabric:
Since you are removing hair, as well as volume, you must determine if the end product is complementary to his hair weave. As the fabric, a fabric made of wool and silk fabric made from a fall and has different flow. Therefore, make sure that these two elements are mixed well for his style.

5.) Consider your face shape:
The beauty of short hair is that you can accommodate their shape to enhance or distract certain features. But when working with short hair, because now there is less hair to work, consider what you have in front and wants to reduce, when determining the form chosen, and be sure it is enough hair to achieve their goal.

6.) Consider Sensation:
Once your hair is short, hair products can be your best friends since they allow you to change the “feel” of the court. From appearances short and stuck, pressing her hair back, adding wax or paste to create the factor “funk.” Lesser long trigger your imagination for a variety of moods.

7.) Supplement with color:
Locating strategically interesting color effects, you can add even more drama to the outcome. Tricks of multi-dimensional color, “balayage” or “foils” will give your hair interest and excitement.


8.) Supplemented with Texture:
A hair that once was no life can now better respond to chemical and texturing with hot tools. Also,when before texturing was dangerous cutting tools, can now be saved. Standing in one place as in the crown, can add support, or a simple turn of a curling iron can help address some of the biggest challenges of Mother Nature.

9.) Do not be afraid to give Baby Steps:
If you do not have a long or short hair has never been, it may take time getting used to. Do not think you have to cut all at once. You may benefit from moving from the height of the clavicle in the middle of the neck, chin level, in successive visits. No need to just do it because the job of finding the perfect short hair can be nice.

10.) Walk around the mall:
If you are new short hair and recently cut her mess, her long hair covers his face no longer. Makeup and jewelry can finish the case perfectly. Complement your look with the right amount of makeup, since short hair is a relevant part of his face instead of an ornament. Complement your look with makeup and earrings; her short hair makes a statement of confidence sexy, rather than a convenience.

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