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Myths about hair do not you take your hair!

If we analyze all beliefs and myths in the world of beauty, we would realize the pack of lies that have some companies to sell more or some hairdressers for a serum expensive.

From home remedies to simple customs and is bellaza myths are just that, myths. Do not let them fool you and help us some beliefs about caring for your hair.

How many times have we heard that vinegar ads shine to hair? Or that much washing hair weakens it? Then we tell the truth about the myths of hair.

  • Brush vigorously promotes hair growth: FALSE
    The result of this action is rather the opposite. If you brush your hair too hard all you can get is to break the fiber and starting. Therefore, the brushing should be gentle. No more tugging!

  • Damaged hair dryer: TRUE
    The dryer can cause the tips to dry by opening and breaking. Ideally, and more in summer, is to let the hair air dry. So will keep you hydrated and go nice and cool.
  • Wash produces much hair loss: FALSE
    Wash far the hair rather than weakens. However, it can affect the scalp, which can become irritated.

  • Cutting the hair makes it grow faster and faster: FALSE
    Hair growth has nothing to do with the tips in any case, cut more. Makes being healthy. Hair growth occurs in the follicle folinculo, not ends.
  • Smoking can produce gray: TRUE
    Is proven to snuff favors the appearance of the first gray hairs.

  • The products of hairdressers are better than the supermarket: FALSE
    Hair products often use the same ingredients, so its quality is the same whether you are Drogerie as peluqieria. Also, many firms in high-end, have a more expensive and offer the same quality.

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