Healthy and shiny hair
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Healthy and shiny hair

Healthy and shiny hair
The Sham punier of Pantene Pro-V, Rafael Artero, has all the tricks to have healthy hair and fashion. To do so, gives us some guidelines that we follow so that our hair may look enviable.

To wear a hair healthy and strong, keep Rafael Artero recommended especially hydrated. Keep in mind the time of year, but both in summer and in winter there are external factors that damage your hair.When we damage our hair, lost beauty. We must learn to properly combine the products we use to eliminate negative effects. It is also important to pamper our hair with good quality products.

Steps to beautify our hair

  • Use a shampoo with an innovative formula that provides greater protection to the hair when wet, to lay the foundations for a healthy and beautiful hair.
  • Complete washing of hair with a good system of hydration. Yes, every hair is different and has different needs: oily, dry, thick, thin, with volume, without it … When we use hydrating products to suit each particular need.

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