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He wears a bob cut … Without a haircut!

If you want to target the fashion court without giving up a long mane, we tell you the secret: Get yourself a fake make bob cut through a trick I picked to have taught us Montibello experts.

It is sometimes difficult to decide to get a new haircut, especially when it involves a radical change and we will go from wearing a long hair to cut the best way of summer. Doubts about whether we look good or how long it takes to grow the hair back often outweigh our desire to renew and we usually choose to stay as we were.


However, there are hairstyles with tricks that can help us make a decision or simply may serve to change the look from time to time. One of them is that we have been taught Montibello experts: a false cut bob that make you go to the last this summer.

It is a secluded relaxed and very air current women’s long hair and make it as easy as it sounds: Start with the hair rizarte significantly shorten the length and thereafter a secluded place with bobby pins so that you be more flattering.

The trick is to make a loop inward to hide the hair and secure it to the root fork leaving some strands loose as you like to give a cooler air to the look. And, of course, do not forget to fix it with some hairspray.

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