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Haircuts for short girls … The looks according to height!

Choosing a haircut is a choice we must meditate. If you are considering a makeover, find the hairstyles that make you grow a few inches.

If you are the girl who longs to be a day to 1.70 meters, but the reality is that hardly passes of 1.60 meters do not worry. Who would not want to see the world from above, show off long legs and not need to climb endless heels to be seen in the crowd.

Because of the complex, because no benefit from it. We give you some tips to gain a few inches with a new haircut. Discover what hairstyles to help you look taller … Careful!

Long hair, tall women
Although you love your hair infinite, it is one of the most flattering cuts. The hair length, is reserved for women high and not too thin. The look Gisele Bundchen, long, wavy hair is also not recommended for petite women, because it shortens the silhouette.


Semi corto for petite
Bury the idea that short hair is unfeminine.Instead, this season and bob haircuts naked neck that has caused a furor. Remember that a haircut semi corto going to encourage much more if besides short, your face is fine, as it manages to highlight the neck and stylize the figure.

Beware volume
It is highly recommended that you bet a very large cut. An excess of volume in a woman petite only manages to create that effect of bighead and even depends on the cut can diminish.

For the short and thin
If you are short and thin, commitment to short hair. It has become very fashionable this season so you’re in luck. And you can go with a bang.

If you are short but otherwise you have your extra pounds, cut off your hair without fear. And no bangs if you have a round face.

Carded for petite
The hairstyle that has revolutionized the season, Bar dot style, carding at the crown, is one of the ones you can foster.The volume to overcome the makes an optical illusion that allows you to gain a few inches.

The ponytail
Ponytail hairstyles are one of the most flattering and easy to perform.

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