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Hair tricks: The famous tell their secrets to a hair film

Being perfect is not always easy. The famous are required to become pregnant every day and especially on the red carpet. The best complement for clothes is a luxury hair contest.

It changes the look every now, but manages to have healthy and beautiful hair 24 hours a day. From products to curling irons and dryers, the famous tell us what are her beauty secrets.

Katie Holmes surprised everyone when he appeared for the first time with his style ‘Bob’. To add shine to hair Katie uses a special serum silk Kiehl’s signature, which gives a glossy effect.

Catherine Zeta Jones is an example of how to get to change the features of face with hair. If you have a round face and you’re tired of your look Catherine says the trick to be perfect and sexy in minutes.

Get some tongs and curl your hair, get enhance the area of the eyes and cheekbones.

If you are blonde or dye you just take care of your hair with care. Follow the footsteps of Jessica Biel, when the actress changed her brown hair a wavy blonde hair and had to purchase new hair care habits.

Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend uses a special product for the hair and prevents split ends just after exiting the shower without rinsing.

Halle Berry looks much his hair. And is that the actress, who has curly hair, like changing your hairstyle for the occasion. To avoid damaging your hair with both smoothing, Halle uses a shampoo with extracts of seaweed and silk.

Also, apply a sunscreen especially for hair.

Which it has managed to make paartido their tricks of Beauty Hair is Jessica Simpson. She alone has created an empire of products among which are the extensions that she wears.

The secrets? They are made of natural hair (human, of course) and can be ironing, curling, drying, as forming part of your original hair.

How does Katherine Heigl give volume to your hair from the root? His stylist got a tip that the actress still blindly: Apply lacquer in the hairline.

But watch out! Lacquer applied only in the root to keep the curls with movement and volume.

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