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Hair Extensions: Beware of scams!

Those who have always dreamed of having a long thick hair can rejoice thanks to hair extensions! Indeed, it is possible to gain as much length you want in just a few hours with this revolutionary system.

But although some women have had impressive results, others are victims of a great scam and end up with a terrible wig on his head!

Before entrusting your hair (and your wallet!) To a hairdresser, make sure that he has qualified for this service and it uses bits of quality. Obviously, it is better to appeal to professional salon stylists as independent as it will be difficult to claim compensation for injury. How to distinguish a scam?

The prize: the extension hair is a practice so far very expensive because the material is expensive. Thus, if a pseudo-professional features to perform a miracle on your hair under 450 €, beware because it’s too good to be true! In general, the cost of service included with natural highlights between 500 € and 1500 €.


Maintenance: If the so-called haircut you are talking about a monthly maintenance after installation of the extension hair, it means that the hair is of poor quality and need special care. However, be aware that the locks worthy of the name can be treated as your natural hair. Then, consider the additional costs that you will over time to force you to the show every month!

Products: it is said, the extensions do not require special care! Also, fly hairdressers who try to oversell their products because you can use your regular products. You keep fine hair from root to tip as long as you pamper well with appropriate care (products for oily hair, dry, colored or dandruff).


Duration: some hairdressers dare to claim that hair extensions can be worn for one year. Niet! Do not be fooled, the locks can be removed after 4 to 6 months after, you are free to reuse or not. Similarly, if a hairdresser tells you to finish installing extensions in two hours, beware because it is a painstaking task that can take up to 5 or 6 hours.

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