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Choose the best babydoll

Given the virtually limitless supply and budget are very different, here’s some advice to choose the babydoll lingerie that suits different personalities and lifestyles. A first indication is to look after the material: its synthetics are really handy, but many doctors advise against because it prevents perspiration thereby altering the balance of bacterial flora of the private parts. Definitely prefer the natural fibers such as cotton and silk, which provide protection and breathable. As for the models to choose freely what you like, taking into account only one thing: if you love the thong, try not to take it every day because the constant friction with his private parts can cause irritation and tears that cause annoying discomfort. The bras can be as simple or padded bra, the choice is absolutely free, mind you, if you opt for the bra, the size of the cup as they often has the relationship between girth and size of the cup not exactly proportionate. If you like colorful sheets do not trust the low prices means that the fabrics are of poor quality and may bleed on contact with skin, resulting in annoying allergies. Prefer white, black, gray or pale pink linen every day and leave the lingerie color for special occasions.

Let us now take an overview of the most common brands of lingerie, but without detracting marks that inevitably will not be appointed, then you should take a ride on offer, taking into account the recommendations set out above. The luxury lingerie is equally divided between Italy and France: Chantelle and MariluLingerie first, La Perla and Christies other, offer a virtually infinite range of models bra (underwired, padded, easy, triangle) and slip (slip low rise, thongs, shorts) and materials (satin, cotton, lace, tulle), often with a dressing gown coordinated. The highlights of these brands, however, not so much the outfits close , but the articles a bit ‘more sophisticated and retro: suspenders silk stockings stockings , corset and bustier , petticoats read, seductive and naughty nighties babydoll of Lolita. It is for these items that every woman would be crazy, because these items are felt the most beautiful and sexy. And think of what were the sexiest women in the past, the strip-tease of Sophia Loren in “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” on the notes of the song “Abat-jour” this is an expression of femininity and seduction timeless, regardless of mode and trends.

If you love lingerie extreme there’s sure to find what works for you among the cheapest in the network even in unconventional materials (eg leather).

As for the lingerie “serious” and that favors comfort to seduction are the Swiss brand Hanro , whose “T-health” have been chosen by Nicole Kidman in “Eyes Wide Shut” by Stanley Kubrick and Austrian Wolford , leader in the production of body stockings and pantyhose .

Among the most famous overseas brands stand out definitely the Agent Provocateur lingerie , much loved by the stars, and Victoria’s Secret , the lingerie brand in the world perhaps the most famous and loved by all women for his female models and sexy at the same time.

Of course the lingerie scene offers much more choice to women, but men should not despair as the market for some time is also attentive to their needs, just look at the bids for briefs and boxers for men to realize it!