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4 Beauty Tips for Perfect Hair in Winter

In winter, you know, it is essential to take care of their hair the right way. The cold, wind, snow and rain are enemies of the crown and ruin, and making drying your hair frizzy and electrical systems.

To have beautiful hair silky and also during the winter season are few but useful tips: Follow these four beauty tips to get a head enviable even in the snow!


The tips that we propose today are dictated by the famous hairstylist Frederic Fekkai, who has worked with celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Anne Hathaway and Demi Moore .

1. Nutri Hair
If you do not want your hair appear dry and dull, think of an extra nourishment to keep them soft and shiny. Make a nourishing base of jojoba oil and shea butter at least once a week, and do not forget to put the balm every time you wash them.

2. Put the Balm in an intelligent
If your hair is grease or if you are fine and easy to get fat , put the balm on the lengths and ends only, avoiding the roots and starting at ear height.


3. Electricity No Thanks
The hair becomes electric in the winter due to less moisture in the air: you sleep on a silk pillow case to eliminate the static, and spray a little hairspray on a natural bristle brush with which to comb the hair from root to tip. This is a magic trick!

4. Choose the Right Hat
If worn immediately after the styling, the hat may give a particular shape to your hair. Choose a hair of natural fiber, cotton or silk, not to electrify your hair and make sure to maintain the fold.

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