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10 hair cuts and hairstyles for fall … Change your look!

This season, the long hair back and impose those listed. Monos structured, gathered sides, high pigtails, hairstyles inspired by Hitchcock and melena endless with much volume on the sides are just some of the proposals to be signed during the VI Revlon Professional Edition Week of Fashion in Valencia, which presented collections fall winter.

Get ready because you comb your hair this fall as a Hollywood diva. Vintage trends take hold of your hair and wrap it in an aura of femininity and elegance.
Vintage Revlon Professional 2009 proposes new techniques of cutting and color to rediscover the elegance and femininity of the twenties, thirties and forties.

So if you wanted to cut your ponytail, or a chance. The return of sophisticated long hair is the order of the day. Priming proposes cuts that accompany the movement of the ends with gentle undulations and broken that recreates a controlled volume, casual and very textured.

Commitment to a long and wavy hair.The front are disconnected from the sides with double asymmetric cuts, which gives movement to the manes of any size. The gestures enclosures with broken waves mixed with the hair smooth, textured and with a false-ordered appearance.


The aesthetic that marked Nico,Andy Warhol’s muse, Chelsea girl, heart of art and fashion.Sophisticated urban look, with fluency in the cut lines and variety of textures. Very light blond, symbol of the American dream.


The golden age of American cinema for a strong comeback and sophisticated modern woman,always a diva.Sensual and elegant look that is expressed in a long hairstyle with volume, due to the disconnection of measures that create different levels.


Goodbye bob in the perfect cut no wild hair. This fall, short manes become more rebellious. The short hair lines are more geometric than in previous seasons, with triangular volumes. The neck is working to make it look more full, but neatly trimmed and smaller, with a very slick effect.The winning side volume.


For lovers of short hair, style remains garcon trend. Bare neck and forehead protected by a fringe that leaves his position Cleopatra-style rigidity and side combs.


Josephine Baker was ahead of its time, a symbol of the Roaring 20 for its provocative and edgy. Rip-breaker “garconne” of the 20 results in the XXI century in a feminine style, elegant, sober, not volumes and absolutely rolling.


The braided look still prevails as a very romantic trend while informal to collect hair fall. Bows half-hidden, side and twisted. The hedonistic look of inspiration brings sweetness and sensuality.


Volume,much volume.So long hair comb this fall. Dolores Cortes, proposed comb like a superhero comic.Crepe, roll and a lot of hairspray.


The bow is undoubtedly the star picked up the fall. Infinite half-hidden side, with volume on the front in the style of Hollywood divas like this proposal Hannibal Laguna, futuristic, twisted.


The hair becomes the real star this fall. The side volume focuses all the attention while the bun tucked relegated in the background.Very futuristic styling for girls with personality.

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