Women Physical preparatoin for Mountaineering

A rise is of course before any sustained physical activity, often of unusual intensity, especially if one is urban.If women are not physically fit for outdoor then you should wait to fit.Besides this you should do preparation for women outdoor tours.

womens_outdoor_lifeMountaineering requires most of the qualities of endurance: the ability to support a more or less intense for a long time. The ideal drive is, of course, hiking on a regular basis.
Walking in the countryside at a steady pace, with elevations for 4 or 5 am, a good basis to maintain your fitness.Check more outdoor resource

Endurance sports, however, produce many more results like cycling, swimming, skiing and, of course, skiing, hiking, activity closest to the mountaineering expedition. The preparation of more “practical “and the most effective is running, which solicits and develops the cardiovascular system and respiratory capacity. It is advisable to run regularly (2-3 times per week) by gradually increasing distance and pace, without losing momentum (it is necessary to continue to speak fluent). Arrive 1 hour to make racing at speeds of 10 km / h is about an excellent test and guarantee a good physical fitness.Women’s Outdoor Life would be more if you fit enough to do the activities.

To provide an intense effort over a short time and recover quickly. Circuits “training” of the sport clubs are particularly suited to this type of effort. If you do not exercise regularly, get in shape for several months is necessary before undertaking a serious purpose.

An important port is inevitable for any large-scale expedition. This can be a formidable handicap. Therefore practice regularly hikes autonomy, or even train you in town with backpacks “well weighted.

The rigors of the environment
All sports, mountaineering is one of more subject to weather conditions: cold, wind, rain … Getting used to life outdoors, to bivouac and practice your sport, whatever the time will help you withstand the weather, sometimes very rough, high mountain.For more information and outdoor check.