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Suicidal tendencies: low cost cosmetic

There are low cost flights, low cost clothing and even food low cost so it’s no wonder that retail firms are launching their own lines of makeup and cosmetics. The luxury brands have for years been holding over the sale of perfumes and makeup that of clothing , so the business is clear.

The quality issue is a part, but the truth is that in terms of image give the stick. The latest to jump on the bandwagon of the cosmetics store at the price of Chinese have been white and their packaging has little to envy to other firms consecrated as MAC or Benefit : black and leopard print, two of the passions of their clients who ensure sales galore.

Prices are another plus, of course: if a pair of jeans will cost around 20 euros, would be absurd for a bar of lips cost you even more, so obviously are very low Who would not buy a shade of eye color fashion if it only costs 4 euros? Why you were not going to wear nail polish that a similar tone to that of another brand that you would charge 25 euros if it is 3? Paying more is almost silly, considering that with the rhythm that carries fashion, that color will not help you next season will be as outmoded because until a rancid smell.

The big but: Are bad quality cosmetics low cost firms? Do not expect great wonders, of course. Possibly the eyeliner you put on in the morning before leaving home will not last beyond noon but did you last another of a luxury brand? Probably not, because here’s what it is you consume, both luxury and low cost.

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