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Short hair styles 2011 men and women

Short hairstyles
The mop of curly hair is still among the current short hairstyles 2011 for ladies.

Pictures on the Internet show that you can combine with a cheeky pony and a single curl. A very short short hair hold some women, however, dared to be. In fact, she makes but the women who wear them doubly interesting. She stresses namely the neck, face and eyes especially. Even among the more prominent women’s short hairstyles are fashionable 2011th Emily Watson recently made it before – to the dismay of her fans. But it may dismiss it as a sign of her growing up view that they chose such a hairstyle. The Grande Dame of the British film and theater, Judi Dench shows, confident that a suitable short hair in old age in 2011 and works beautifully.

Judi Dench does in private life very much younger than in many film roles and the part can be easily bleached gray hair in a natural shade. Some pictures of new hairstyles haircuts celebrity women connect with their fans going real shock waves – here are the short hair of women attractive and easy to precisely summery! Thanks to the available hair bands, the selective use of small parts or the use of hair curlers to get involved, the trends of short hairstyles in 2011 confidently. They are variable enough.

With colored strands are added to the short hair more oomph, with a cheeky single lock of hair color and other track, a playful asymmetry can be generated. Extensions can unilaterally create a new accent. Women with oval face shape can wear almost any hairstyle, women should tend to choose more of a square face shape soft hair falling like the Bob. Even short hair can look like in 2011 with a slight volume support shaft well and are very variable combed or brushed. Easy care, as they are, you can edit the short hair with mousse or gel, and always looks great! In the evening, we varied the impetuous hair in favor of a center or side parting, an eye-catcher of the dress and striking earrings. In the Office of the apex may be happy to severe. A costume and simple pearl earrings, they show a woman of the world. The short hair styles 2011, not only in the summer for women an issue.