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Orange lips the color of the season!

Makeup trends change as do those of fashion, but sometimes those changes are not as flashy as can be the clothing. However, this summer we can point to as key trend of the lips in shades of coral and orange roses do you have prepared your make-up bag for what’s next?


Lips oranges? Although it may sound input to Mars, the truth is that the lips in shades of coral (that kind of pink orange) and orange tones have been for several seasons and now seems to alternate back. Chanel and proposed in the summer past Coral Mandarin tone and now has been that Prada has painted the lips of their models with the tone of yore.

Orange-toned lips generally favor both blondes as brunettes and redheads are the ones who have to have a little more careful when choosing the shade of orange, and depending on your color of hair and skin can give a sense of color saturation.

If you are blonde, it is best to choose a tone, but predominantly coral pink with a slight orange tint, and that best matches your features. However, s i are brown you can afford to choosing a more intense orange color and bold, depending on what you want to draw attention to your lips.

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