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Errors make the famous Avoid them, you can!

What the famous makeup always go smoothly? After seeing the pictures below you will notice that some have no idea!


Do not mastered the art of makeup? Do you envy those with a brush and a powder capable of transforming the real Vidal i shere? Easy, is famous, nor have a clue, too, that many can afford a makeup artist, but when they are given as independent and self this is what happens!

Then from us, we picked the shit of the famous with the makeup. Some are passed to the blush , others abuse the illuminator, some people like a ghost who becomes mulatta why nobody gives a course in Self Make?

So much effort to achieve those perfect lips, he forgot he forgot the rest but if it seems the enlightened! This is what happens when these powders are abused lighter than the skin tone, with the desire to bring light, a recently converted into the Holy Spirit.

The amazing, unstoppable Sara Carbonero, just not yet mastered the art of the illuminator. This magic wand that promises youthfulness and brightness, you can make real havoc in the face if you apply it wrong. In this case, Sara has been with the dose and what is dark-skinned, has created a hard mask to hide, and less when there are flashes in the middle.

Another major problem when applying makeup is the famous rouge. Correctly apply his own costs even to the very Elle Mcpherson going and applies it to Heidi style. While one wants to accentuate the cheekbones to accentuate the blush of so is not correct.

If you are white skin but light as in the case of Nicole Kidman and above you get more illuminating, blind to any results. The actress seems to have a fight with the powder it does not give none.

Another big mistake is choosing the wrong foundation. When the choice is a shade lighter than your skin, what happens happens and for a sample for Jennifer Lopez. You have to see how bad makeup that is, the effect mask is Horrible! And if on top illuminator is abused…

Are not they supposed that Paris Hilton’s makeup? So why is it that evens the expert’s wisdom with the foundation? I could not be reused and less when it is fond of UVA and self-tanners, there is nothing uglier than go with the brown neck and face pale.

Another like Nicole Kidman. With fashion provide too much light illuminating his face and then dazzle your way Why not be bothered to read the instructions?

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