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Copy style: Carey Mulligan fashion girl!

Carey Mulligan has gone from being a name that sounded familiar to most moviegoers to become a regular on the red carpet. With an understated but chic style and elegant has succeeded in winning the general public and especially those fashionist as who always applaud his dapper style. We give you the keys to his style so you can use as inspiration for your looks.

Carey has a baby face but also good list. His hairstyle resembles that of other actresses classics like Jean Seberg and Anna Karina and her style is quite simple yet chic and elegant. Seldom seen it mess up with image and that is something worthy of praise considering the times.

Surely eventually became a shining star at the moment but is still taking its first steps . It has already been the star of an editorial in Teen Vogue and may not be the last. Rarely seen with pants and a girl dresses at the knee and clean cuts Want to know the key to his style?

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