Beauty tips

Bows and collected you will take this fall choose yours!

bowsThis fall looks very feminine and more remarkable influence of the past. Bows at the top of the head adorned with ribbons, gathered informal but serious and add an air side stripes are some of the trends in hairstyles referred Want to know?

If the fashion turns back to the 50 to retrieve a curvy and very feminine silhouette enhanced by square necklines and dresses fit at the waist, the hair is also going to play with that aesthetic retro monkeys developed on top of the head and adorned Hair ribbons that turn the wearer into the protagonist of a movie theater classic.

bowsBut not only become 50, but rather that this fall will see a confluence of decades of XX century, allowing us to recover the loose strands informal collected more typical of the sloppy grunge era and combine them with suit jackets ideal to go to work .

Long hair is also reflected in braids falling down her back, but leave the top of the head with the hair to air, to give a sense of freedom. The shorter stick to the skull and hair parted on the side, as if children returning to school in question. Multitude of styles to choose the one that best fits your personality . Do not say you do not have to choose from…