Beauty: the collected easier and faster for the season

A relatively easy solution to the dilemma of what to do with your hair when you look in the mirror and you do not know how to put it is collected. This season trends are full, so you do not have difficult time finding one that suits your style. We will recommend a few to help you choose And they’re easy to make!

The scene is always the same: in front of the mirror, with the clothing laying (after an interminable moment of indecision), the face makeup and a comb in his hand What do I do with my hair? Every morning thousands of women representing the same scene without reaching any conclusion that total satisfaction.

So if you are not of those lucky ones who gave the haircut ideal for your face and your personality or those blessed by nature with a hair shiny, strong and great, one of the options you have is the bun. There are many types of buns, ponytails and braids and other ways not to wear your hair loose encourage you whatever your type of face .

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