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16 Haircuts Rihanna …

Rihanna is a chameleon woman. Now we are surprised with his new look but … Do you remember all your haircuts?


Long hair, smooth, curl, with extensions, with bangs or without him, toupee, crest, wicks, shaved … Rihanna always surprising. Each haircut than the previous one and nothing left of that girl of long hair.

But are you able to remember all the looks that has looked the girl ‘umbrella’? We, we do a compilation of cuts hair with which the singer has made it. That yes, we each, which we hope will be the result of a bad day, because they are a bit daring ready to leave you surprised?

In the beginning Rihanna wore a classic long wavy hair because the foam.

When Rihanna discovered the iron, put aside the foam and smoothed her hair preferred. Of course, since young girl playing with her hair. Smooth or “bangs like a toupee?

Rihanna has also resorted to extensions in a moment of your life. More volume and more look set to change.

Extemsiones out and clean haircut. This look was his first step toward the short hair. Media mane over her shoulder and a fringe that gives a lot of play.

Although Rihanna always looks surprised by his daring and eccentric singer has also had its moments ‘diva’ to these listed.

Rihanna and fashion are said to cut bob Victoria Beckham before him popular.

Rihanna radical change. Not only cutting but also color. Stained black, Rihanna bob cut profile, leaving the front longer and playing with the mystery section that covers his eye. For more casual times, rush curls.

They say that once you cut your hair, is a vice. And surely is what could have happened to Rihanna, for their latest looks are the shortest. On this occasion, the boy style, with or without bangs.

What would happen over his head when he decided to get this look? Shaved on the sides, two-color dye, comb…

The short black bicolor, the blond, his latest look. After revealing her hair, now advocates a more feminine style “will have learned that this season takes the blonde?

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