summer hair styles
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Summer Hairstyles: Practical & chic

summer hair styles

The beach version: a very low-maintenance hairstyle . Simply wet hair on the head blow, to give it volume and to emphasize the casual beach look.

Ideal if: it has medium-length hair and do not really know what to do with it. This style is all the rage is easy to clean and thus perfect for the beach.

The pros: “To the wrinkle effect as possible – or entirely – be avoided, the hair carefully before, during and after the swimming to be maintained … Do not worry: This does not mean you to spend your time to, to take care of your hair! It is now easy to use products in cream or spray form without a reaction and washing, wrap the hair and protect seal.

Take a brush to good to distribute the product and to untangle your hair. Dry your hair with a towel, but without rubbing, the effect would only accentuate the wrinkle yet. ”