julianne moore
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Julianne moore with her red hair style

julianne moore
American actress has stated that even though for years she was mocked at school for being a redhead, now enchanted with her hair. one of the most particular of the ‘Mecca of film. ”

At 50 years, Moore is happy that one of his sons have inherited her hair color. Of course, to her two leading men are just suckers.

“I have a girl with dark brown hair and a boy with bright red hair and I think both are good looking,” he told the artist to the magazine ‘You’.

The four-time Oscar nominee has also revealed that he regrets having paid more attention to his film career to her family.

“I spent my teenage years focused on my work and leaving aside my personal life.
There comes a point where you reflect and you say to yourself, wait a minute. I want a life! ” Said the star of ‘A Single Man.”