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EMO Hairstyles 2011

EMO Hairstyles
To have an EMO hairstyle hair dyed black or colors of the rainbow is just the first step. EMO hairstyles are very striking, so you can take advantage of your length and play with different ideas and hairstyles. Here we show the hairstyles EMO 2011:

To create an EMO hairstyle with ponytail. you can play from their roots with a tail or loose side. It is a very feminine styling. You choose the ponytail according to the length of your hair and face shape.

Ponytails Ponytails

Try ribbons of all colors, shapes and sizes. Besides being a nice accessory to the volume in a “chic” to the hair short, medium and long. With them you can create a stylish and fun hair salon.

Ribbons Ribbons

Ribbons and tiaras.
If your style is EMO princess, opt for headbands and tiaras. With these increases the volume of your hair to give a glamorous touch to your style.

Ribbons and tiaras Ribbons and tiaras
Ribbons and tiaras