Celebrity hair styles

Emma Watson, Pixie


Now, for years branded as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter , it tries Emma Watson is now something of her signature roles of solve apparently. No wonder if you are always in a figure and therefore subject to a hairstyle.

All the more sympathetic yet that Emma really pulls out all the stops, a radical step and dares her long hair completely a very short pixie. I found her long hair is actually very beautiful, especially in the Burberry campaign, it looks great. The short hair now Emma can definitely contribute too, as she has a very girlish face. This is precisely what they did but also work to date very young, the Pixie gives it a touch more “mature” irgendsie she looks more mature. That by this action their Burberry has lost advertising adjourn, the actress seems not to interfere.

Thumbs up for so much courage and experimentation!