Latest Hair Styles

Casual hairstyles

Casual hairstyles

There are many ways to play with our hair. Every time we find more exotic hairstyles for all hair types but there are some who never go out of fashion among women. I speak of those hairdos that all we are informal in minutes to feel comfortable and beautifying in everyday life.

As we take time to think of hairstyles for parties when we have any celebration or important event in the evening. we also have our favorite hairstyles to wear everyday. It is these informal hairstyles we use to go to school work shopping or visiting friends. Us know now.

Ponytail. Practical, comfortable and super easy. While there may be more formal versions of this hair, a ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for everyday life. In addition, we take less than a minute to assemble, can be high, low or falling to the side.

Braids. In iMujer continually teach you how to braid . Is that this is one of our favorite hair styles: braid is delicate, feminine, youthful and has many variants. La more informal all braids is braid alongside.

Media tail. The Average tail or semirecogido is a cute hairstyle. It is also fresh, feminine and sexy, and you can assemble in different ways: the average queue will be held high or low, take a couple of strands of hair or looks almost like a ponytail.