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Black Trash Fashion


The adoption of the eighties fashion fuses the simplicity of black with a time that will surely not go unnoticed by the eccentricity of the punk aesthetic: loud colors combined with black, pink and metallic blue jeans that revealed her ankles, pants, garments metallic or fluorescent gels and hair with high aerodynamic. Vanguardia. In 2010, the breakaway concept strengthens the inspiration of renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs to present their autumn / winter 2009/2010.


Multinationals followed H & M, Chanel, Mango and the list is endless. The most prominent outfits from the decade of the Ramones and the new wave were often loose-fitting T-shirts printed with large shoulder pads. Too tight pants, jackets, straight skirts and miniskirts. This year, these items are renewed with a touch of glam accessories betting moves slowly and classic sneakers and shoes – or shoes – high heels, high.


The weathered snow pants have become adept with pre treatment – washing stylized silhouette composing a grunge look – chic. If you do not like this type of jeans, follow the steps of the queen of pop. Madonna momentum fishnet stockings and leggings, which remain in effect after framing the silhouette of the woman, 30 years later. In short, fashion always recycles, varying with the tastes of the time.