The Doubts
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NB2010: The Doubts and My Pony Puff Tale

The Doubts

Hey everyone! New Beginnings 2010 here. As you can see from the title of my post, I’ve been having transitioning doubts. Of course, there are doubts about transitioning for those of us who have had relaxed hair ever since they can remember. I’m one of those people. The doubts started in the form of excuses: “I never got to reached my original goal of bra-strap length,” or, “Being relaxed is easier and I know how to do it,” “Detangling is too hard,” and let’s not forget, “I look better with relaxed hair.” Yes, I said it! It’s a mentality that’s not easy to let go of.

Anyways, I was sure that I was going to relax last week. The only thing that saved me was the fake pony puff I ordered arriving at my doorstep this past Friday. I was wary about wearing it because of my husband. The pony puff is the one hairstyle that he insists he doesn’t like. But when I put it on and looked in the mirror, all I could think was, “Wow. I look super cute!” I love it, and I’m back on track for transitioning.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering about my husband’s reaction. I kept the pony puff on that evening and waited for him to get home, and get this: He told me I looked really pretty, and asked me how I got my hair in this style! He thought it was my hair! It’s like my godsister said, “He doesn’t know what he will like until he actually sees it.” In this case, she was 100 percent right! He was still a little turned off when he found out it wasn’t real (yes, he has a thing about fake hair), but he was much more accepting of the puff than the straight pony I used to have. So I’m back on track now. Wearing the puff makes me feel like I’m already fully natural and I don’t have to worry about looking at my relaxed ends.

The Pony Puff Tale

To begin, I have to preface this story by mentioning that I live in Florida (if I haven’t mentioned it already), and this was my first night out in my pony puff this past Saturday. I was having one of those, “I know I look good,” nights in my puff and my cute outfit. Last weekend, hubby and I were hanging out with another couple. We decided to go out to eat to Bahama Breeze because we have never been there. When we all walk in to the restaurant, people looked up. That’s nothing strange. However, the crowd was about 60 percent black people and 40 percent white or another race. The white people and other races that looked up just gave a normal glance and went about their business. The black people that looked up…stared. For a long time. When I told hubby, he said, “They must have just thought you were really pretty.” I said, “Thanks sweetie,” but I didn’t believe that was the case. I’ve walked into restaurants plenty of times before in sexier outfits, and I didn’t get that many long, uncomfortable stares. And they weren’t nice stares either. Granted, some of them just looked curious, but most look baffled or upset. Like, “Where does she get the nerve to walk in here with natural hair?”
The Doubts
Regardless of the reasoning behind the stares, I wasn’t really bothered by it. In fact, I was actually quite amused. My natural cousin was even telling me that if she was living back in Miami where she grew up, she would wear her puff all the time, but people here are less accepting of natural hair. I guess she was right.

Of course I wouldn’t leave you guys without a pic of my new do. Enjoy! (I know I look just like the owner of this blog, and NO, we’re not related. Just best friends!)