Eat Pray Love Fashions For Less and Movie Review

Eat Pray Love Fashions[Mini Review of Eat Pray Love:

I’m going to try and give a review about the movie “Eat Pray Love” based on the book by Elizabeth Gilbert. I went into this film with such absurdly high expectations. I really thought that this would be a major contender for an Academy Award because of the success of the book. When you have a book that is so impressively good it seems only natural to translate a story like this into a format that can easily be consumed by the masses via a feature film. All the director and writer had to do was follow the book! The book was an entire screenplay on it’s own; there was virtually no reason to ever tamper with a word. Why were the most climatic parts of the book removed from the movie and replaced by scenarios that never happened? How on each do you re-write someone elses history? That’s my qualm and I’m sticking to it. Any questions, ask me below.]

While I wasn’t crazy about the movie-version of the best-selling memoir, “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert [it was terrible], I can admit that my favorite parts of the book was her spiritual journey through India.
During Elizabeth Gilbert’s(played by Julia Roberts) pilgrimage to India I caught a glimpse of the amazing meditation beads draped casually around limber wrists.
Mala beads, or meditation beads, are used to focus the mind during yoga (the religious practice, not the exercise). Some yoga practitioners may dwindle beads through the fingers, rotating each bead between their forefinger and thumb while the string dangles below.

In the book, Elizabeth Gilbert explains the importance of each bead to her life, her spirituality and her journey. The number 109 is highly symbolic and the gift and speciality company, has the official recreation of the Mala necklace with 109 beads. The prices for each necklace are a costly $92 for teak wood and $159 for onyx beads and turquoise.

Zirconmania makes meditation beads similar to those seen in the feature film. You can order Mala beads for $24-27 with beads made of either wood or bone. The “fireball,” or the jeweled bead can be made in either wood or bone as well. You can order the beads in a variety of shades to match a gorgeous tunic or spice up ordinary jeans and t-shirt.