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NB2010: A Routine, a Meeting, and an Update

Hey everyone! New Beginnings 2010 here. I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I have really been trying to get my hair routine down. This post will be lengthy because I’ve had a lot of hair stuff going on.

First of all, I gave up on the individual braids because I have discovered that extensions or no extensions, moisturized or dry scalp, my scalp ALWAYS ITCHES! I couldn’t take it! The Shea Moisture scalp elixir helped a lot, but my scalp would still itch if I didn’t spray it like three to four times a day. For me, that is excessive. I want my routine to be simple and having to care for my hair that many times bothered me. After that, I was ponytail air drying. That works really well for tangles, but frankly, not for styling. My natural hair holds on to any bends way more than my relaxed hair, so it was difficult to brush or finger comb my hair into a bun. I went from ten to four ponytails and tried detangling my hair better. That worked, but for me it was still a lot of work. Now I’m at two ponytails and for now I’m satisfied. Instead of taking out the two ponytails, I just braid them, pin the ends under and call it a style.

In between all of this, I met with my cousin who has had bra-strap length relaxed hair for years and transitioned without the BC. She gave me a lot of good tips and took me to a little natural grocery store called grassroots where she buys all of her products. The product tips were awesome, but frankly, I cannot follow her transitioning routine. She straightened the entire time every month and a half, which is fine. I can do that. What I can’t do is wash every month and a half! She said that she’s lazy with her hair and that’s what she’s always done, even while relaxed! She washed every month and a half and wore perpetual buns unless it was a special occasion, like the holidays. I usually see her during the holidays, so that’s why it seemed like her hair was always down.

The best thing I learned from her was adding jojoba oil and vegetable glycerin to her styling products. I added jojoba oil to my favorite and only deep conditioner, Silicon Mix, and when my hair was dry, both my relaxed hair and natural hair were INCREDIBLY soft! Even my husband was overjoyed! He didn’t think my natural hair could feel so nice! I have also added jojoba oil to my regular conditioner and my oil, and I added water and glycerin as a daily moisturizing spray.

Overall here is where I am:
I have been applying Aussie moist conditioner mixed with jojoba oil to my dry hair using the relaxer application method once a week as a cowash on Thursdays and shampooing and deep conditioning on Mondays. To simplify this and cut down on manipulating my hair, I am going to do both of these on one day. I’ll use the Aussie moist thing as a prepoo, rinse, shampoo, and deep condition starting this coming Thursday. If it works well, I’ll keep this up and add wheatgerm oil to my deep conditioner as well because it is supposed to help stop breakage at the demarcation line. I spray my dry hair with water and glycerin twice daily and seal with Hot Six Oil (jojoba added). I air dry in my two plaited ponytails with the ends pinned under and keep it that way. Sometimes I switch it to a bun. To stay cute, I add hair accessories (mostly scarves, a flower every once in a while), and make sure that I have a bit of makeup and some cool, stylish jewelry on. These always make me feel better on days that I’m sick of my hair. And there you have it!
jojoba oil
Here’s a picture of my hair after the deep condition with the jojoba oil. I think it looks VEEEERY soft.