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NPR:NuNaat Brazilian Nut for Curly Hair

texasbeautyNuNaat Brazilian Nut Hair Mask is the ish.
I guess grease really does grow hair fast and long because the second ingredient in this hair mask was mineral oil…
And I loved every bit of it! *evillaughs*
I would never replace my beloved Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treatment or Aubrey Organics conditioners with a product laden with mineral oil. However, on the off-chance that something were to happen with the production of production of the aforementioned products I would not be too angry picking up a bottle of NuNaat Brazilian But Hair Mask for Curly Hair.

Ingredients: Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Chloride, Praffinum Liquidum, Isopropyl Myristate, Cyclopetasiloxane, Parful, Cetrimonoum Chloride and other

The directions say leave it on for twenty minutes but, I rarely follow those when it comes to moisture treatments. I left it on for over and hour, mostly with heat.

I hate repeating myself over and over but, since I’ve been on a role with hair products… I LOVED the slip it gave me. OMG! My hair was silkalicious buttery goodness.

What completely blows my mind about products that have petroleum in them is the if I use a moisturizer or leave-in with petroleum or mineral oil, I get the worse second-day hair in the history of bad hair days. Bizarrely enough, deep conditioners with artificial ingredients work for me.

It’s like my hair just does not know what it wants sometimes. One minute it will only devour butters and water; the other minute, only oil and vegetable glycerin.

The fabulous world of nappturality.

Anyone else have this problem where there hair has a high tolerance for a “bad” ingredient in some products and a powerful hatred for it in another form?