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NB2010: Job Interviews in the 21st Century

Hey, it’s columnist New Beginnings 2010, and I’m having a bit of a dilemma. I just got a job interview for a job that I have been drooling over (pays $82,000!). I had been hard core job hunting for about 2 months before I decided that I was going to be patient and stay at my current part time job until they can afford to hire me full time (possibly August of next year). Now I’m wondering if my hair is too casual (the individual braids). For me, I normally wouldn’t wear individual braids to a job interview because, unfortunately, this world is not always accepting of certain parts of black culture, particularly concerning braids.

I know I sound really cynical right now, but in my opinion, having natural hair and having braid extensions are on different levels to the rest of the world. Braids can be considered very casual. Natural hair is natural hair: you were born with it. At my current job I am the only black employee, but they really don’t care about me wearing braids, but our dress code is VERY casual. However, couldn’t a job for which you are interviewing deny employment for hair even if they don’t say that’s the reason? I already know what many people are thinking: I’m being self-loathing, and if they don’t hire me because of my braids, then why would I want to work for a place like that, right? Consider this: If someone walked into your office for a job interview in a professional setting dressed in jeans and a t-shirt (no matter how clean), would you hire them? It’s about PERCEPTION. If I’m casually dressed, I’m perceived to not care about the job. It all comes down to this: Am I just being paranoid about braids being too casual for an interview or should I go “professional” all the way, including my hair?

P.S. If I do decide to change my hair, I’m only going to take the braids out and do a roller set or a straw set.