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NB2010: First Attempt at Flat Twists

Hello again! I know I said I would report in on Sunday but I got busy with the Memorial Day celebrations. Anyways, so the hairstyle I decided to try was flat twists in the front and rod set in the back. Mind you this is my FIRST TIME EVER attempting this hairstyle and I don’t think it was that bad. I was reluctant to go out in public but hubby said it looked presentable enough wear out and reiterated the fact that it was my first time trying it and I’m still learning.

So, on to the hair products. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. so I decided to buy only the necessities. I already had Redken Smooth Down treatment. so I deep conditioned with that. I used the Wen shampoo because I’m quiting the sulfates. As for things I had to purchase. I wet set with Olive Oil Mousse by Vigorol since there was no alcohol in it. I also had to buy a plastic bottle and coconut oil, since this was a favorite of mine back when I used to really baby my hair.

So here are the results:

And again, I wasn’t happy, but it’s a start. However, I went out to the beach on Sunday after church with some friends and my hair went, “poof!” So the next day I brushed out the curls and watched a few more Youtube videos on flat twists. Come to find out that some people use gel to do flat twists! I did not know this. So I ended up redoing most of my twists and here are the results today:

I’m still not as happy as I could be and I need to really work on my parts and twisting tighter, but I am happy that one of my twists came out great in my opinion! A small victory, but it’s a step in the right direction.

I think you can tell which was the good twist!

My Flat Twists Do’s and Don’ts

DO practice, practice, practice!
DO use gel or something for hold as a beginner.
DON’T rod set if you don’t have enough rods! Curls come out frizzy and weird-looking.
DO move quickly when flat twisting. It increases my chances of getting a tighter, neater twist.
DO make sure that you keep a tight grip on the root of the hair.
DON’T give up! Just because it’s not intuitive doesn’t make it impossible!