NB2010: Expected dryness and tangles, and my solution.

hairHey all! It’s New Beginnings 2010. I did end up taking out my braids, mainly because one in the front came out and took a chunk of my hair with it! After taking them all out, my hair was a tangled, matted mess of course My stylist lightly flat-ironed my roots and pulled it into a bun for my job interview (BTW, I did get the job!).

I decided to wash my hair yesterday with my trusty Wen and deep condition with my trusty Redken Butter Treat on Friday…only to discover that my hair felt like crap afterward! I did a braid out, but not well because my husband was rushing me because we were supposed to go out with some friends. My hair was still damp when I took out the braids, so I decided to gel the edges, brush them back and pull the back into a banana clip. Hubby really liked it. Here are some pics.
I did find that after only 13 weeks without a relaxer, I already have 2 inches of new growth in the crown. The rest of my head has just average growth of 1.5 inches. Anyways, after it dried completely, it was SERIOUSLY hard! Soooo…off to the store I went to get some products. I bought some Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque, some Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-in-1, and some Care Free Curl spray to moisturize my roots. I deep conditioned for 2 hours, rinsed it out, and air-dried to about 90 percent. Then I put coconut oil on my hair and braided it down for a new braid out. That was a bust because the humidity outside actually left my hair DAMP! And when I got home it was still SUPER DRY!

After some research on my favorite hair forum, I decided to conditioner wash my hair and/or deep condition every day. So I conditioner washed with a mix of Wen and the Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1, then rinsed. When it was about 60% dry, I put on a little Shea Moisture and coconut oil, pulled into a bun, and tied down with a scarf. Well, this morning it came out great, so I’m happy now. And here’s a texture shot of my hair when it was about 80% dry. The first picture shows the texture of most of my hair: 4b. The second picture is of a few of these little 4a coils I find in different areas. These are mostly on the sides and in the crown area.